PFAS Destruction – Perses

A Sustainable PFAS Destruction Process

Theia Water is proud to offer a full range of solutions for addressing PFAS contaminated liquids as well as solids. These solutions go beyond removal of the compound and extend to a suite of destruction technologies which break down all of the PFAS compounds as well as its extended family.

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The Perses System represents a giant step forward in the pursuit of a true destructive technology for these “forever chemicals”. Perses is a sustainable and cost effective means of breaking down PFAS compounds completely into their basic components leaving nothing hazardous or dangerous behind. The Perses system is a biological process which was developed together with Allied Microbiota. Allied Microbiota (AMB) has developed a number of bacterial products which have proven themselves of breaking down even recalcitrant compounds like PFAS. We are among the first to demonstrate that, despite the strength of the carbon- fluorine bond that characterizes PFAS, a variety of microbes are able to degrade them. The Perses System expand the application of bioremediation for the management of industrial waste streams bydecreasing treatment times and providing a cost-effective treatment option. Perses uses AMB microbes and microbial products to destroy PFAS. AMB’s Therm-Ox bacteria has proven especially efficient and effective in breaking down more recalcitrant compounds like PCB’s, Perchlorate and, now, PFAS compounds.

The following is a short summation of the most recent testing. AMB introduced a bacterial inoculum to a water sample which contained

  • 500,000 pg/l ( PPT) PFHxS
  • 600,000 pg/l (PPT) PFOA
  • 270,000 pg/l (PPT) PFOS
  • 610,000 pg/l (PPT) PfPeA

The Perses AMB process was able to reduce the average concentration of the PFAS compounds by 50% in 28 hours and 80% within 72 hours. AMB’s scientists verified that the destruction was complete and the direct result of the bacterial process by verifying that the compounds through total organic fluorine measurement.

To date, all testing has been conducted on a bench scale. Our team is presently preparing a pilot scale test of this technology to verify that it can be scaled up to field sized treatment.

Perses Destruction Technology does not stop there. While the use of bacteria and natural processes has many advantages, there are some hurdles that this approach needs to overcome. Perses allows the AMB microbes to operate in a far more effective and efficient manner, hastening the destruction process and extending the reach of microbial degradation well beyond what has been possible in the past.

Theia’s Perses system provides the cost effective and environmentally friendly nature of microbial decomposition with a treatment process that enhances the natural degradation and allows it to operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The process represents the lowest total cost for disposal and offers a truly clean method for destruction.

The Perses System provides the AMB bacteria with all it needs to thrive while making sure it is always exposed to the maximum mass of PFAS compounds possible. The Perses system can be operating as a continuous process of an accelerated batch process.

  • Optimal treatment. Perses keeps the level of PFAS contamination more concentrated, allowing for faster microbial destruction and more mass destroyed over a given time.
  • Perses removes any residual PFAS or breakdown components allowing the
  • process to meet any regulatory discharge requirements.
  • This addition converts a batch process to a continuous process reducing storage requirements, and allowing the system to be more functional in the real world.

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