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Theia, LLC, located in West Chester, PA, is a new kind of company formed to offer the best environmental solutions in the industry and also a wide range of options for the customer. We understand that there is never just one right answer to your requirements and that you are looking for the best solution for you and your application. This answer must not only provide the treatment you require for your process but also work with your facility and your budget.

Theia follows the principle of is simplicity through innovation. We believe that the best solutions should also be the simplest to operate and maintain.  Our solutions are designed to provide long term sustainability, representing the minimum footprint on the environment.   Theia is part of your team, providing technical resources, assistance, and expertise to maximize the customer’s treatment options and minimize your cost, time and maintenance

At Theia, we understand that every customer and every application is unique. While the solution may be similar, some customers prefer to purchase individual pieces that they require and some customers require more of a turnkey system approach. We are happy to provide either end of the spectrum or, more often, sometime in between.

Theia’s Mission Statement

Theia World exists to provide better solutions for a truly sustainable modern culture.  That is, we do not believe that the answer is to go backwards and to eliminate modern developments or reduce our lifestyle.  While conservation is a worthwhile and valuable approach to protecting the environment, we prefer to look beyond this approach to more sustainable approaches to the issue to allow man to thrive along with the environment in which he lives.

We believe that the answer is to work with nature and to develop plans to allow us to sustain and improve our lifestyle while reducing any impact we have on the environment and the ecology.  As we have seen in our brief modern history, when tasked correctly, mankind has always come up with solutions to our environmental problems.  When man did not respond quickly enough or made mistakes, the earth has been able to take care of the problem for us.   Thus, we can learn a lot about protecting the earth from studying how the earth takes care of itself

Sustainable solutions require that the solutions are not only sustainable for the earth but also sustainable for those who will have to pay for them.  Thus, these solutions should be not only effective but should represent a reasonable cost to the customer in terms of purchase as well as operating costs.  Further, these solutions should be something that is simple enough to allow the customer to operate it themselves without a major investment in time or personnel.

Theia’s goal is to take on actual environmental issues where we can bring something to the market that is better than what is out there presently.  These solutions will not only save money for the customer but will represent a more environmentally sustainable approach.

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