Better systems for removing PFAS from Water

When you offer the most effective and efficient PFAS removal media, building the best systems is a lot easier. Theia offers treatment systems and equipment of all sizes, but we are best known for our modular packaged systems.

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Hyperion Container

These turnkey systems

  • Are pre-wired, pre-piped and ready to go when they arrive
  • Offer sole source responsibility – no finger pointing
  • Are a fraction of the cost for built-on-site systems. 
  • Can be delivered in a fraction of the time for built-on-site systems
  • Are fully enclosed – nothing exposed to the weather
  • Are built and tested in one of our regional facilities
  • Are delivered, installed and operating within days of shipment
  • Require no foundations or excavation
  • Require limited disturbance to the site
  • Can be put in place without large equipment
  • Are available in a number of designs and exteriors

These modular systems utilize multiple smaller adsorbers instead of one set of larger vessels. 

This design

  • Provides redundancy and limits the risk of down time
  • Simplifies backwash cycles limiting waste and mitigating or eliminating clean water storage
  • Reduces cost and time for media replacement

Easy to Service:

Our modular systems are easier to service. Thus, reducing the cost for media replacement. This design also reduces down time as well as the issues associated with backwashing the media, if that be necessary.


Not sure how long the system will be needed for?  We offer leases, long or short term as well as system buybacks when you are done using the system.  Our Modular units can be mobilized quickly, can be pulled off site, and even moved if that be necessary.  Additionally, these systems are available for pilot tests, for lease and lease to purchase

Fully integrated Systems:

Theia offers an integrated approach that addresses not only the PFAS but is designed to allow the PFAS treatment system to run reliably with limited attention.    You are not treating distilled water with a little PFAS in it.  Most water sources present challenges to any treatment process, especially if those processes rely on pass through technologies whether it be our FS media, activated carbon or IX resins.  Theia has treated the most difficult water on the planet and we are ready to treat yours.

Hyperion Container
Hyperion Container
Hyperion Container
Hyperion System
Hyperion Container
Hyperion System

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