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Removal of PFAS compounds from water using granular media can be a challenge. Though companies like Theia have successfully removed PFAS at many sites, there is a lot more to removing PFAS than just the PFAS. . When your target contaminant is often present at 10 to 10,000 molecules out of a trillion, even the most robust removal vehicle is already stretched to its limit. All water sources contain a number of constituents, which while they may be innocuous in terms of human consumption or use, can create issues for a fine granular media.

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Treatment solutions cannot focus solely on the contaminants of concern. We know we can remove the PFAS even at very low levels. However, all removal technologies must interact with the body of water in which the target contaminants are dissolved/partially dissolved and that interaction is not always simple.

Theia’s FS media is less impacted by the water quality than Carbon or IX resin and has no impact on the water quality. Even so, the presence of high levels of dissolved or suspended solids can wreak havoc on even this media. Additionally, some water sources contain significant levels of microorganisms, many of which find the microporous nature of treatment media to be a welcoming growth substrate. Because of the intimate interaction of these media with this water, treatment medias can also pull some dissolved solids from solution which then adhere to the surface of this media.

We have related a number of our field applications of PFAS Treatment systems on this site and provided some insights and lessons learned from the field. Hopefully these entries will prove useful to anyone visiting the site and perhaps give you a little understanding of what sets Theia Water apart.

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