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Better removal starts with better media. Theia Water offers state of the art efficiently and innovatively designed treatment processes and systems but the treatment starts with the media selection. Theia offers the most cost effective and efficient media in the marketplace and we continue to work on developing new ones.

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Theia Water offers a number of high efficiency medias, each of which offers some unique advantages. These medias are available as granular for use in pass through systems and as a powdered for use in our specialized water treatment systems and for soil and biosolid stabilization.

TW-PFB media

A high capacity granular media derived from biosolids and other solid waste. This media has proven to have a capacity as high or higher than any in the market at a fraction of the cost.

TW-FS media

An organoclay blend which has been proven in the field to have the best overall performance in removal of the full range of PFAS compounds. The media has NSF approvals for drinking water. Unlike IX resins or activated carbon, this media is unaffected by other compounds in the water and does not affect the water quality itself.

TW-PZ media

A specialized zeolite media which has been infused with active ingredients that afford it the highest capacity of any media presently in the marketplace. This media is typically applied to treating water with very high levels of PFAS, often as a pretreatment prior to our other medias.


An activated carbon blend designed to remove PFAS down to very low levels. The media matches or exceeds any other carbon media in the marketplace for PFAS capacity and can be custom blended for the specific list of contaminants at a given site.

Media Regeneration/Disposal

Theia is the only company offering a sustainable solution for handling of spent media. We are able to remove the PFAS from the media we offer and destroy the PFAS itself. The media can be reused for other purposed or possibly put back into service.

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